The Benefits

The site presents an excellent opportunity to deliver the majority of the land that Uttlesford needs for future employment and economic growth, which would otherwise need to be identified elsewhere in the district.

The proposals will deliver a wide range of benefits for Uttlesford and the wider region. This includes the following:

Sustaining c.3,000 permanent jobs for a wide range of skilled employees

Generating c.2,000 jobs during the construction phase

Leading sustainability credentials utilising high quality design and the latest green technologies

Repurposing of underutilised and predominantly brownfield land for modern development

Generating c.£10m in annual business rates payable to the local authority

Social benefits for the local community targeting education, health & wellbeing and the environment

Columbia Threadneedle Investments is aiming to grow the local economy and diversify the employment opportunities, with less reliance on the aviation industry.

This scheme will be a best-in-class employment zone for major corporate facilities and smaller high growth enterprises across the business and logistics sectors, in turn creating a range of sustainable employment opportunities that rely upon a skilled workforce.

These sectors continue to innovate with a strong reliance on technology including artificial intelligence, smart storage, 3D printing, robotics, advanced scientific development and vehicle technology.

Increased reliance on technology leads to greater throughput, increased productivity and efficiencies within the system, as well as changes in the skills required of the labour force, including IT skills, engineering, and analytics.



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