The Vision

E-commerce, life sciences, technology and logistics are the fastest growing sectors in the UK and the real estate required to support this growth is critically undersupplied.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments assess a significant opportunity for Uttlesford to become a hub of prime commercial development, capitalising on major logistics warehouse and business park supply shortages in the South East, generating significant economic and social benefit for the area.

The Land to the North of Stansted is a significant strategic investment by Columbia Threadneedle Investments, to be promoted through planning and ultimately developed to maximise the potential of this underutilised and predominantly brownfield land. The Site is surplus to airport requirements and is currently in suboptimal use, with low employment and generating minimal enterprise value.

Historically, Uttlesford District Council has been a net exporter of employees, meaning that residents travel out of the district for work. Uttlesford is presently experiencing its highest period of unemployment. High-quality development is needed, therefore, to provide employment opportunities for local residents.

This development will be the largest new employment scheme in Uttlesford and the wider region. It has the potential to generate employment for c.5,000 people from inception to completion, across a broad range of skills in cutting edge growth industries.

The redevelopment of the site does not affect any current plans outlined for Stansted Airport. Though, the development will reduce the size of Stansted Airport’s operational vicinity and bring new employment opportunities to Uttlesford. Through Columbia Threadneedle Investments’ redevelopment plans, the scheme will diversify the local economy and decrease the area’s economic reliance on Stansted Airport.

The site presents an excellent opportunity to deliver the majority of the land that Uttlesford needs for future employment and economic growth, which would otherwise need to be identified elsewhere in the district.

Creation of c.2.1 million sq ft of prime commercial employment space

Upwards of £250 million of inward investment

Anticipated five year project commencing in 2023

Indicative Masterplan


Columbia Threadneedle Investments’ vision for the development is to create a business, logistics and technology park that attracts innovation, green investment and the most forward-thinking companies because of its outstanding sustainability credentials. The site’s location provides excellent opportunities to promote sustainable travel choices, such as cycling, and electric vehicles.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments is also developing an energy strategy that minimises the site’s carbon footprint through sustainable material choices and efficient energy usage, as well as maximising the use of low carbon and renewable energy technologies.

Similarly, we will create a resource-efficient development that minimises waste, water use and other natural resources, whilst ensuring exceptional efficiency of our buildings.

All of these measures taken together will assist in working towards our goal of delivering a sustainable development achieving net zero carbon in construction.



The Benefits

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